25. September 2023 //

Things are moving forward!After a long wait, the 1st part of the machining centre was delivered.

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20. July 2023 // Patent Certificate

The new development is a device and at the same time a new throughfeed process for grinding, deburring and edge rounding of rotationally symmetrical workpieces with non-shaped contours/interference contours, such as shoulders, collars, ball shoulders, grooves, recesses or undercuts.

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28. November 2022 // Innovation made in St. Johann

LEADER Mittlere Alb supports Feucht GmbH from St. Johann with the purchase of a processing center for the production of a patented felling wedge.

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The CEM-4 ensures reliable and consistent series operation. The brush diameter measuring process can be freely programmed for frequency and wear adjustment is fully automatic. The CEM-4 can be easily integrated into fully automated production lines. Discover for yourself the many benefits of this new deburring tool.

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Feucht Antriebstechnik is a family-run company founded in 1997.

Originally focussed on rolling bearings, the company later moved into conveyor technology and the manufacture of drive elements.

Comprehensive manufacturing options give our customers flexibility and reliability.

A growing company needs goals

Efficient manufacturing processes, new and in-house development and accuracy and precision are all of the highest importance to us. We use raw materials purposefully and responsibly and our products are subject to full control during production and design. We place great emphasis on creating a friendly working atmosphere and driving continuous technical progress, from development through to delivery:

  • State-of-the-art CNC manufacturing

  • Series milled parts

  • Series turned parts

  • Series turned milled parts

  • Laser inscription

  • Component manufacture incl. assembly

  • Equipment manufacture

  • Brush deburring machines

From tool and mould making to the development and construction of our own equipment and the delivery of complete assemblies, we can accommodate a wide range of orders.