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Mechanical felling wedge FK-01-12 | Forest wedge spindle wedge 12t | 1.65 kg own weight

felling wedge

The mechanical felling wedge FK-01-12 is the perfect companion. With its own weight of only 1.65 kg (without ratchet and bag) it is suitable for daily use in the forest. The felling wedge is characterized by claw plates/retaining plates made of spring steel with a new type of curved retaining teeth/claws, which are very sharp-edged and whose cavities are welded and smoothed on the back to prevent them from bending back. The holding teeth ensure a very good self-retention of the wedge against slipping out of the saw gap, since they engage perfectly in the tree wood of the saw gap. With a lifting capacity of up to 12t, you have a safe and practical helper at your side when felling trees. The ratchet is also lightweight and optionally available, as is the matching leather case.