Device and method for brushing for patent application

21. Februar 2022

The development work of Feucht GmbH in mechanical engineering to provide cutting-edge deburring technology continued despite Corona as part of a project funded by the BWWi. In order to protect intellectual property, property rights work was carried out immediately after the project was completed in January 2021, which was successfully completed at the end of 2021 with the filing of a patent at the DPMA.

The new development is a new device and a new through-feed process for grinding, deburring and edge rounding of rotationally symmetrical workpieces with bulky contours/interfering contours such as shoulders, collars, ball shoulders, grooves, recesses or undercuts. It also enables sequential brushing of workpiece areas/contours to allow different surface roughness depths on a workpiece

This new development will soon expand the portfolio of deburring technology, is suitable for processing plastic and metal and can be adapted to the special needs of customers.

Mechanical felling wedge

27. Januar 2022

The patented felling wedge FK-01-12 from our own development work complements the sales portfolio of Feucht GmbH with immediate effect. The felling wedge is characterized by its own weight of only 1.65 kg, making it the perfect companion for forest work, timber harvesting and tree care. Available in our online shop.

New online shop

03. Januar 2022

We are starting the year 2022 with our new online shop. Our products can now also be conveniently and easily ordered online. It is possible to create a customer account or to order as a guest. The range of products offered will be constantly expanded in the future so that we can offer you an all-round successful service. Visit our new shop at

14. Dezember 2021

Advance notice - new patented felling wedge from our own development

09. Mai 2021

A new, patented felling wedge from our own development work will soon be added to the sales portfolio of Feucht GmbH. The felling wedge is characterized by claw plates/retaining plates made of spring steel with a new type of curved retaining teeth/claws, which are very sharp-edged and whose cavities are welded and smoothed on the back to prevent them from bending back. The holding teeth ensure a very good self-retention of the wedge against slipping out of the saw gap, since they engage perfectly in the tree wood of the saw gap. It also has a smooth-running and self-lubricating sliding wedge made of special plastic that widens the felling wedge. The felling wedge can be driven with a ratchet or screwdriver.

Grinding wheel holder

07. April 2021

For space-saving storage of your grinding wheels.

Storage arm can be swiveled out individually for easy removal.

Product information

Universal wedge clamp

05. November 2020

By tightening the clamping screw, the clamping wedge is pressed down and the two clamping jaws move outwards and clamp the workpiece. When the clamping screw is loosened, the clamping jaws are reset by spring force. Hardened clamping wedge and jaws.

Product information

New development

22. Juni 2020

The centric vice for 5-axis machining is a new development from Feucht GmbH and suitable for single part and series production. The centric vice FZS-01-65 is now available from us complete with accessories.

Product information

Overview and price list

Visit by Michael Donth (Mdb)

06. Februar 2018

Bundestag member Michael Donth (CDU) visited Feucht at its site in St. Johann - Upfingen.

Feucht supports the Special Olympics

05. September 2017

We are proud to support this great competition.

Special Olympics Certificate

Classic Car Ralley

25. Juni 2017

The St. Johann Classic Car Rally came to Feucht in June. Numerous classic car models were on show on company premises.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

09. März 2017

Feucht receives ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Download Certificate

New Image Brochure

24. Februar 2017

Download our new image brochure here and learn more about our history and activities: Feucht image brochure

Fit for the future

11. Juli 2016

Our building permit has arrived. We are starting our new construction project and are looking forward to a state-of-the-art Plant II where we can further develop our deburring technology.

Inclusion in the "Spitze auf dem Land" development programme

15. Juni 2016

The regional government supports SMEs with less than 100 employees with the Spitze auf dem Land funding scheme. Only companies with very high innovative capability, and whose technological expertise makes them leaders in their field, are eligible. Subsidies are available for investment in buildings or equipment. Our new building, Plant II, is supported by the programme.

2nd prize at innovation competition

04. Dezember 2015

Feucht was presented with one of the annual innovation prizes by the Kreissparkasse Reutlingen foundation in cooperation with the Reutlingen Chamber of Trades & Crafts. This year we entered with our centreless deburring machine and won 2nd prize, worth €2,500. We are very proud of this award and the recognition it bestows.

New design of a rotary head brush deburring machine: Gratmaxx

10. April 2015

Our new in-house innovation, the GratMaxx, is suitable for deburring cut edges – round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, solid materials and profiles of all kinds.

Product brochure as PDF file: GratMaxx

Product video of our newest centerless deburring machine CEM-4

30. Januar 2015

In our latest video we demonstrate workflow with the CEM-4 machine, the latest high-level development from Feucht. Rotationally symmetrical workpieces can be deburred easily and quickly.

Article in Alb Magazine

14. Juli 2014

Feucht is featured in the new issue of Alb magazine. Under the headline "From a one-man business to an SME success story", readers get a great insight into life at Feucht. Read the article online here: Alb Magazine article

Construction of a flat brushing machine

07. November 2013

The flatbed planetary head brushing machine for deburring flat workpieces such as rails, strips and plates in any length.

Feucht film

02. Februar 2012

Watch our new corporate video.